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Making rolled beeswax candles is surprisingly simple. All that is required is a few basic materials and supplies that are found around the home. With a little practice, rolled beeswax candles in a wide variety of shapes and styles can be made at home for a fraction of the cost of buying beeswax candles from stores.




  • Beeswax sheets - these are available from candle supply stores and craft shops. Beeswax sheets are made from melted beeswax that is poured into special molds to make sheets. This often has a distinctive honeycomb design on one or both sides. The sheets are cut into standard sizes before being sold. It is possible to make your own beeswax sheets, however ready bought sheets are the easiest for beginners to work with.
  • Candle wick - candle wicks are what makes the candle burn. There are many different types of candle wick available and the size of wick will depend on the shape and size of the finished beeswax candle. The candle making supplies store will be able to give specialist advice depending on your plans. Some stores may sell candle making kits that include both beeswax sheets and wick.
  • Scissors - sharp scissors are required to cut the wick and shape the wax sheet if necessary.
  • Hair dryer - this is useful for warming the wax sheet and making it pliable.


1. Take a sheet of beeswax and cut it to size.
2. If the sheet is hard, run a hair dryer over it for a few seconds to warm it slightly. Be careful not to melt the sheet.
3. Cut a length of wick and place it on one edge of the beeswax sheet. Make sure that there is about two inches spare at one end.
4. Carefully roll the edge of the beeswax sheet around the wick.
5. Continue rolling until the sheet is completely wrapped around the wick.
6. Press the edge of the beeswax sheet into the candle to hold it in place.


This craft comes from lovetoknow.com