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Great, fun and easy-to-make fashion statement!

Type of Craft[]


Difficulty Level[]


Supplies Needed[]

- Bottle Caps
- Clear Craft Epoxy
- Earring Hooks
- Magazines or ANY Paper Image
- Jump Rings
- Ice Pick
- Scissors
- Needle Nose Pliers


1. Take your ice pick and make a small hole through the top of the edging of the bottle cap.
2. Put a jump ring through the hole and then add your earring hook. Use your needle nose pliers to close and secure openings. (The jump is really not necessary, but it does add a little length to your earring)
3. Pick out any 2 images you like from either a magazine, catalog, book, comic book, the internet (print on thicker paper), etc. I do not suggest newspaper, it's too thin. Once you have your images cut it down to the size of your bottle cap and place it inside.
4. Then add your clear craft epoxy inside the cap about half way, (to the edging of cap), do not fill to the brim and let it sit overnight.
And your done! You can even get more creative by adding beads between your earring hook and bottle cap or a glitter around the edge of the epoxy inside the cap! ^_^

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