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This is an easy way to put those extra bottle caps that pass through ones home to use. Rather than tossing them up, toss them up on your fridge for a creative way to hold things on your fridge. They can look however you want, you can paint them, use resin and put a fun item inside them, glue things inside, leave them as is or mod podge magazine clippings or pictures inside. It is up to you!

Type of Craft[]


Difficulty Level[]


Supplies Needed[]

Bottle caps, Glue, small magnet, paint/pictures/glitter/etc to decorate inside.


1) Clean the bottle caps and dry them. 2) Apply industrial glue to the back of the bottle cap and place a small magnet on the glue spot. 3) Decorate the inside of the bottle cap. 4) Let it dry and put it on the fridge!

  • Another option is to put the magnet in the inside of the cap and either have the top of the cap be the decoration or feel free to paint it or decorate it as well!

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