Cats and kittens enjoy various types of toys, even very simple cheap ones like a ball of yarn! Cats do not mind what they get, as long as they can play with it. They even play with trash

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Difficulty LevelEdit

Very Easy

Supplies NeededEdit

Making your own home-made toys Edit

Dangling MouseEdit

You will need:

  • A long wooden stick, preferably a long wooden dowel.
  • Pipe cleaners (Craft version)
  • Little bells, can be found in craft section of a store.
  • Fake mouse, commonly found in pet areas of stores.



  1. Take 3 pipe cleaners. Tie the ends of the 3 pipe cleaners together, so you get one long straight string of pipe cleaners.
  2. Attach one of the ends of the pipe cleaner string to the end of the wooden dowel.
  3. String about 4 or 5 bells like beads on the pipe cleaner line.
  4. At the end of the pipe cleaner line, attach the fake mouse. Make sure it is secure.
How to use: Hold the end of the dowel, and dangle the mouse around your cat, and swing it around. Your cat will go crazy trying to get it, and they will be very excited! You can do this for a long time, and still entertain your cat! The sound of the bells you added will greatly enhance the experience for your cat.

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