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Make classroom chores fun with the classroom chore chart...or at least make them look cute. By Allee Marderosian at Ilovetocreate.com

Type of Craft[]


Difficulty Level[]


Supplies Needed[]

  • Aleene's Magic Tacky Dots
  • Aleene's Crystal Clear Magic Tacky Spray
  • Miscellaneous Objects
    • Newspaper
    • Computer and printer
    • Magnetic Whiteboard with dry-erase pens
    • Cardstock
    • Scissors


1. Use computer and printer to print out pictures that correspond with each chore. Tip: Clip Art works great for this task! 2. Type up and print out chore names. Cut out. 3. Cover work surface with newspaper. 4. Spray Crystal Clear Tacky Spray onto cardstock and press printed images firmly onto sprayed area. Repeat until all images have been applied to cardstock. 5. Spray backs of chore names and press adhesive side down on top of corresponding image. Let all images dry completely. 6. Cut out images. 7. Peel off white backing from magnetic dot and apply to backside of cardstock. 8. Use dry erase pens to create a fun grid on whiteboard, including students’ names. 9. Stick magnetic pictures in place on whiteboard chart as desired.

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