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Introducing the Comic Book Cuff Bracelet!
This unique piece of "jewelry" is fun and easy to make!
It will sure to make any comic book fangirl squee with delight! ^_^

Type of Craft[]


Difficulty Level[]


Supplies Needed[]

- Comic Book
- Duct Tape (colored is always more fun)
- Mod Podge or Krazy Glue
- Clear Tape
- Measuring Tape
- Scissors


1. Measure and cut a 2 inch wide and 10-12 inch long strip of duct tape. Fold it in half to make a 1 inch wide strip.
2. Then measure your own wrist and add about an inch and 1/2 (so you can get the bugger on and off), and mark that length on the duct tape strip. (ie. My wrist is 6 inches, so I marked duct tape strip at 7 1/2 inches.)
3. Start wrapping the duct tape strip into a cuff from where you marked it, add/wrap additional strips of duct tape to the cuff for thickness and security.
4. Measure and cut a 2 inch wide and however long your duct tape cuff is, plus an inch more, strip from a comic book. I suggest using a comic book you don't really care about, or if you do, make sure you buy 2 ^_^ ! (ie. My duct tape cuff is 7 1/2 inches long, so I cut an 8 1/2 inch comic strip... Oh, did I just make a funny?)
5. Cover the comic in clear tape and trim were needed, then start wrapping the strip into a cuff however big your duct tape cuff is and using the extra 1 inch as your overlay.
6. Insert the duct tape cuff into comic cuff and fold the comic excess to cover the duct tape. Here, use either the Mod Podge or Krazy glue to secure the cuff and.....
VOILA! Your very own Comic Book Cuff Bracelet!

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