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Supplies Needed[]

Making your own spool: empty thread spool duct tape nails (at least 4) Corking: yarn spool nail


Making a spool: 1: get the materials 2: set the sewing spool so the flat part is on the bottom 3: tape the nails (tops up) to the side of the spool. Corking: 1: drop a bit of yarn through the hole in the spool so you can see the tip. 2: wrap the yarn around the pegs in a loop. 3: take a string, put it above a loop and put the loop over the string. 4: repeat until you are finished or want to change colors Changing Colors: 1: cut the yarn away from the ball, leaving 3 inches left. 2: tie on another color to the 3 inches. 3: keep corking. Tying off: 1: cut off the ball of yarn and leave about 1 inch left of the yarn. 2: take the string off one peg and put it on the one beside it 3: put the one below over that string. 4: do the same to the next one and the next one (it depends how many pegs your spool has) 5: take the leftover loop and take it off the spool. 6: put the leftover string through the loop 7: pull

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