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Little Red and the Big Bad Wolf...capes and masks from http://www.etsy.com/shop/oxeyedaisey?ref=si_shop

A self-diagnosed Creative-Compulsive, I blog about my adventures in creating, sewing, patterning, painting, photographing, and exploring.  Join me on CREATIVE COMPULSIVE , for inspiration, ideas, and camaraderie.  Creative Compulsive can also be found onFACEBOOK!

300.3A Creative-Compulsive Disorder[]

Diagnostic Features The essential features of Creative-Compulsive Disorder are recurrent obsessions or compulsions to Create just about anything, severe enough to be time consuming (i.e.,they take more than 1 hour a day) or cause marked distress or significant impairment when they can not be carried out to satisfaction. At some point during the course of the disorder, the person has recognized that the compulsions are excessive or unreasonable, but can not be stopped. Compulsions are repetitive behaviors (e.g., painting, knitting, baking, photography, sewing, drawing, printmaking, writing) or mental acts (e.g., planning, daydreaming, thinking of new projects) the goal of which is to prevent or reduce anxiety or stress and provide pleasure or gratification. In most cases, the person feels driven to perform the compulsion to prevent or postpone some dreaded event or situation (e.g., dishwashing, clothes washing, sweeping, personal hygiene, gainful employment).