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A healthy Easter treat for the little ones!

Take a break from the sweets and teach your kids how to make this healthy bunny treat.

Type of Craft


Difficulty Level[]

Very Easy

Supplies Needed[]


  • Water crackers
  • Pretzel sticks
  • Carrots, julienne strips
  • Radishes
  • White cheese
  • Spreadable cream cheese


Step One: Spread each cracker with a layer of cream cheese
Step Two: Cut two teeth from the center of a radish and press into the cream cheese.
Step Three: Place three julienne carrot strips on each side of the cracker for the whiskers.
Step Four: Cut two circles from a slice of white cheese and place over the radish teeth and carrot whiskers.
Step Five: Cut a triangle from the radish and press into cream cheese above the cheese cheeks.
Step Six: Break a pretzel stick in half and press side by side into the cream cheese for one of the ears. Repeat for the other side.
Step Seven: Break off the tip of a pretzel stick and push into cream cheese for one of the eyes. Repeat for other eye.

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