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Pattie Wilkinson brings us this adorable butterfly costume for babies! It's colorful, cute, and it's fun to make!

Type of Craft[]


Difficulty Level[]


Supplies Needed[]

  • Aleene’s® Fabric Fusion® Permanent Dry Cleanable Fabric Adhesive
  • Tulip® 3D Fashion Paint (Silver)
  • Baby bodysuit – dark blue
  • Safety pins
  • Chenille stems – (2) – green
  • White poster paper
  • Scissors
  • Purple felt fabric – ¼ yard
  • Blue hat & booties
  • Blue felt fabric – ½ yard
  • Felt tip pen
  • Craft felt square – (1) – green

this pattern


1. On poster paper, using felt tip pen, draw butterfly wings approximately 22”x16”. This includes all four top and bottom wings. (See diagram) Cut out. 2. Using Fabric Fusion®, glue blue felt fabric to both sides of paper and cut out. 3. Cut out four purple felt inner butterfly wings. Cut purple wings small enough to leave a 1½” space around all sides and between. Glue onto blue wings. Refer to diagram. 4. Cut out six green teardrop shapes and use Fabric Fusion® to glue to wings. Refer to photo. 5. Cut out six blue circles and glue to teardrop shapes. Refer to photo. 6. Accent edges of wings with lines and dots of Silver 3-D Fashion Paint™. Let dry. 7. Cut out green shape according to diagram. Glue to front of bodysuit. 8. Cut out blue heart and glue on top of green shape. 9. Cut out three purple teardrop shapes and glue to blue heart. Refer to photo. 10. Accent shapes with dots of Silver 3-D Fashion Paint™. Let dry. 11. Glue back of bodysuit to center of butterfly wings. Hold in place with safety pins until dry. 12. Cut out purple circles and glue to hat and booties. 13. Accent circles with dots of Silver 3-D Fashion Paint™. Let dry. 14. Shape chenille stems into spirals. Glue stems to hat on both sides. Hold in place with safety pins until dry.

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