This is an easy way to make envelopes. If the envelope made with 1 page is too small, make it with 4,6,8,10 or more pages. Just glue one side of the paper to another if you're making it with more. IT'S EASY!

The CraftEdit

Supplies NeededEdit

  • 1 or an even number of paper
  • A glue stick


  1. If making it with an even number of pages, glue the ends of together in a big rectangle.
  2. Take a corner from one of the smaller sides and move it to a few inches under the diagonal corner. Make sure the side touches the other. Cut of the remaining paper to make it a square.
  3. Fold the 4 corners evenly to touch the centre.
  4. Glue 3 of the corners together.
  5. Decorate it! It's yours!


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