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This is an easy way to make envelopes. If the envelope made with 1 page is too small, make it with 4,6,8,10 or more pages. Just glue one side of the paper to another if you're making it with more. IT'S EASY!

The Craft[]

Supplies Needed[]

  • 1 or an even number of paper
  • A glue stick


  1. If making it with an even number of pages, glue the ends of together in a big rectangle.
  2. Take a corner from one of the smaller sides and move it to a few inches under the diagonal corner. Make sure the side touches the other. Cut of the remaining paper to make it a square.
  3. Fold the 4 corners evenly to touch the centre.
  4. Glue 3 of the corners together.
  5. Decorate it! It's yours!


If you have any questions, please contact Head.Boy.Hog