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Elaine Elwick Barr's adorable eraser earrings

Elaine Elwick Barr is madly in love with erasers. Her love of erasers and her awesome crafting skills led her to create these adorable Lisa Frank eraser earrings. Follow Elaine's lead and add some vintage crystals and silver findings or add your own unique twist to these irresistibly evil easy-to-make earrings.

===Type of Craft===


Difficulty Level[]

Pretty Easy actually.

Supplies Needed[]

Two really cute erasers..or not cute, if you prefer. Two headpins. Two earring wire hooks. Needlenose pliers. Wire cutters.


Carefully push a headpin through the core of the eraser. Go slowly so as not to go through the face of the eraser, this takes some practice. Pull the pin the rest of the way through with the pliers and then wrap the extra wire from the headpin closed creating a loop. Loop these on to the earring wire hooks and voila! Eraser earrings!

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