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Flower Corsage

I really wanted a big flower or some kind of decorative pin to wear on a few of my outfits. After not finding anything that really suited what I wanted, I decided to make one of my own. Of course the first thing I grabbed were some of my P K Glitz glitters and a few other supplies.

Type of Craft[]

Paper crafts

Difficulty Level[]


Supplies Needed[]

Corsage Pin Supply List:

  • Glitter: (P K Glitz)
  • Art Acetate: (P K Glitz)
  • Chipboard Ring (P K Glitz)
  • Sticky Tape: (P K Glitz)
  • Sticky Paper (P K Glitz)
  • WonderFilm (P K Glitz)
  • Ritzy Ditzy Glitz: (P K Glitz)
  • Ribbon Flower
  • Paper Flowers (Prima)
  • Cardstock
  • Crystal Lacquer (Sakura)
  • Pin back
  • Hot Glue (and hot glue gun)


  1. I started by making my flowers using various techniques.
  2. Then I covered the chipboard ring with Sticky Tape and glitter.
  3. Finally, I added my Art Acetate to the back of the chipboard ring and backed it with a piece of cardstock

Additional Photos[]