Glue from a Glue Gun is heated and oozes out of the gun to be put on any project. It is clear and slightly flexible, and works well on most surfaces (wood, metal, some plastics, fabric). It dries faster than fabric glue or craft glue, but not as fast as super glue. It can be peeled off of some non-porous surfaces, like glass. It can hold up to washing a few times, but not for long.

Future applications of heat will weaken it again, so don't use it on something that will reach 100+ degrees regularly. Also, because the glue is hot on application, it can't be used on meltable materials (like styrofoam or nylon). Glue guns are a crafter's best friend, and for good reason: the bond is nearly as good as that of E6000 with the added advantage of drying time, which is much shorter.

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