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It's Easter time! Chocolate rabbits, Easter eggs, pastel colors, and fun galore! Many people enjoy decorating their house for Easter. However, no house is complete without this Easter pencil cup! An Easter pencil cup is perfect for your desk, or better yet, your children's desks. This craft is extremely easy to make, and is very popular with young children. Are you ready to start on your journey to making an Easter pencil cup? Let's begin!

Type of Craft[]


Difficulty Level[]

Very Easy

Supplies Needed[]

1. A sturdy plastic cup. 2. A hot glue gun. 3. Felt in 2 different pastel colors. 4. Plastic rhinestones. 5. Scissors.


1. Search on Google Images for a basic bunny rabbit outline. Print out the picture to the desired size, then use it as a guide for making a felt bunny rabbit. Glue rhinestones on the bunny rabbit for eyes, or even a funny little collar! 2. Cut one piece of felt to fit around the sturdy plastic cup. Glue it on. 3. Glue the finished bunny rabbit on top of the sturdy plastic cup wrapped in felt. 4. Use the remaining rhinestones to make polka dots around the Easter pencil cup. 5. Your decoration is complete! NOTE: These instructions could also work for a Christmas pencil cup, Fourth of July pencil cup, birthday pencil cup, Halloween pencil cup, or even a basic pencil cup.

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