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[1]Knitting with balls was released in October 2006 from DK Publishing. The book is a guide to knitting basics for men and a collection of patterns for men. From DK: Men knit and have for centuries. Soldiers, cowboys, and sailors traditionally knitted their own garments and today's men are following suit and its TOTALLY NOT GAY (despite the suggestive way hes holding those needles and fondling those big hairy balls....of yarn. Never knit before?


Let today be the day that you pick up your first pair of needles. Knitting with Balls has all of the basics a guy needs to teach himself how to knit. There are clearly illustrated, step-by-step instructions for every stitch, 22 original patterns, from the Tribal Sweater to the Felted Military Belt, and tips on how to start your own revolutionary men's knitting group!"

Patterns for:

  • Accessories
  • Sweaters
  • Jackets
  • Home gear

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