Easy to make with household items or inexpensive finds, these cute spring flowers are colorful and whimsical.

Type of CraftEdit


Difficulty LevelEdit

Very Easy

Supplies NeededEdit

Hot glue gun Scissors Wooden skewers Styrofoam balls (any sizes) Yarn (green and whatever color you want for the flower)


1. If you want flowers of different heights, trim your wooden skewers from the non-pointy end. 2. Cut a length of green yarn, and secure it to the non-pointy end with hot glue. 3. Wrap the yarn around the skewer as loose or as tightly as you want. You can show some wood through, or you can cover it completely with yarn - it's up to you. 4. Leave a bit of skewer unwrapped at the pointy end. Secure the end of the yarn to the skewer with hot glue. Trim the excess yarn. 5. Wrap your styrofoam ball in yarn. Secure the end of the yarn piece to the wrapped ball with hot glue. 6. Stick your styrofoam ball onto the pointy end of the skewer. That's it! You're done! Display them in cute colorful vases wrapped with twine, or mason jars. Use blue yarn in a clear vase to represent water. The possibilities are endless! visit for more pictures and ideas.

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