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Project: Making Roses out of Maple Leaves[]


Finished project

About this Craft:[]

Simple instructions to create roses out of maple leaves. Originally posted by Natalie. Multiple images below

Steps to Make Project[]

1. Gather maple leaves (See Image 1)

2. Fold the first leaf in half across the central vein so that the front side faces out. Roll the leaf (see image below) (See Images 2-3)

3. Take the first leaf and place into the center of the second leaf. Note: the front side of leaf faces inside the flower! Bend this leaf in half and wrap it back around the front. Bend should be smoothed out so it's more rounded. This lower of the edge of the leaf is the base of the flower. (See Images fig 5-8)

4. Take a third leaf and repeat step 3, only on the opposite side of the flower.Repeat again until the flower seems sufficient. (See Images 9-11)

6. When finished, pinch ends together and bind the base in threads to fasten the flower. (See Images 12-13)

7. You can then use the finished roses in multiple different types of decorations or on their own. (See Images 14-15)