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"This is my adopted daughter Margot... " - Royal Tenenbaum
Quick and easy way to make the infamous Tenenbaum's finger!

Type of Craft[]


Difficulty Level[]


Supplies Needed[]

- Sculpey (Tan or Brown or Hazelnut)
- Rolling Pin
- Paper Towels
- Dull Knife
- White electric tape


1. Take a square of the Sculpey and use your rolling pin the make it as flat and as thin as possible.
2. Wrap the Sculpey around your right index finger until finger is covered and semi smooth.
3. Take your knife and cut a slit in the back of your clay finger and carefully remove the clay and then push the two ends back together.
4. Bake. (read the Sculpey directions for temperature and time)
5. Run under cold water and DONE! Wrap the electric tape around the bottom half of your finger and slip that puppy on!
You'll sure to wow your fellow Wes Anderson fans!

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