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Do you have a favorite fabric that's just so good you can't bring yourself to use it? I hoard fabric like a maniac, but that's no way to be! This project is a great way to showcase the cutest part of the fabric without using too much of it. It requires no sewing and is so easy, you'll find your walls covered with embroidery hoops in no time! And to check out the video tutorial head here.

Type of Craft[]


Difficulty Level[]


Supplies Needed[]


  • cotton fabric with a fun, larger print (Japanese fabrics work great)
  • wool felt (I get mine from Giant Dwarf)
  • fusible web (Wonder-Under or any other brand will do)
  • embroidery hoop
  • iron
  • fabric scissors
  • baker's twine or ric-rack


Step One: Cut out a section of cotton fabric that includes the images you'd like to use. Step Two: Iron the section of fabric onto the fusible web, then cut around your chosen images, creating a couple of iron-ons. Step Three: Peel the paper backing from the iron-ons and place them strategically on the wool felt. Iron over a few times until the images stick. Step Four: You're almost done! Take your wool felt and put it into the embroidery hoop; tighten the hoop, cut the excess felt from the back. Using baker's twine or ric-rack, create a loop for hanging your project in the cutest spot in the house!

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