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Alisa Burke from ilovetocreate.com devised this easy pillow project when she was designing an ocean-themed nursery for her baby daughter. However, this pillow can also be used in any room in the house to add a little pop to an otherwise traditionally decorated room.

Type of Craft[]


Difficulty Level[]


Supplies Needed[]

  • canvas fabric
  • pencil
  • sketch book
  • Tulip fabric paint in blue, white and black
  • paintbrush
  • pillow
  • Aleene's Fabric Fusion glue


1.) sketch the whales and get good practice. Once you find a design you like, re-draw it on the canvas fabric with pencil. 2.) Paint the whale with the fabric paint and use shading like Alisa Burke did, if you feel adventurous. Outline the whale with black paint in thin lines. 3.) Once the drawings have dried, cut them out. 4.) Using Aleene's Fabric Fusion glue, glue the whales to the pillow.

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