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This orange feather pillow has a gorgeous bright design for your bedroom or living room. You can see the original how-to at Ilovetocreate.com!

Type of Craft[]


Difficulty Level[]

Very Easy

Supplies Needed[]

  • Tulip fabric spray paint
    • Christmas Red
    • Neon Orange
  • Miscellaneous
    • Large faux feathers
    • Paper towels
    • Yellow pillow


1. Cover work area with paper towels and place pillow on prepared surface. Place feathers on pillow as desired. Tip: You may need to break the spines of the feathers to allow it to lay flush with the pillow surface. 2. Test Fabric Spray Paint on a paper towel to get a feel for spray pump. Spray over feathers with Christmas Red and Neon Orange. 3. Lift feathers and let dry. 4. Repeat on opposite side of pillow if desired.

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