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A little puff paint creates a super-chic pumpkin!

Carving pumpkins too messy for you? This is a great way to decorate a pumpkin without dealing with all the guts! It's pretty darn easy to make a pumpkin look fabulous and uses the greatest craft supply of my 1980's youth, PUFF PAINT, which is back with a venegeance (more on this later).

Type of Craft[]


Difficulty Level[]

Very Easy

Supplies Needed[]

- Pumpkin of any size or shape - Puff Paint (I used Scribbles from iLoveToCreate)


1. Wash and dry your pumpkin. 2. Squeeze puff paint directly onto the pumpkin in a design of your choosing. It looks cool when you follow the pumpkin's natural lines, but you can also create faces, leaves, or other fall themes. I kept mine simple, with a series of dots and lines. If you make a mistake, wait until the paint dries and then peel it off. 3. You're done! Let the pumpkin dry and display prominently as it is way awesome. It'll last a lot longer than a cut pumpkin and adds a classy touch to a crazy holiday!

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