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This is a decorated wine glass to put tea light candles in.

Type of Craft[]


Difficulty Level[]


Supplies Needed[]

wine goblet red tissue paper green floral tape stem of 3 silk rose leaves stick glue pencil scissors hot glue/gun tea light candle


Cut several rose petal shapes out of the tissue paper. Wrap one petal at a time snugly around a pencil. Let sit a few seconds. Take off of pencil. Put stick glue on the bottom of the petal. Glue it to outside top rim of glass. Repeat, going around glass. Continue several rows, staggering the petals. Continue until entire goblet is covered with petals. Hot glue the stem of the leaves to the stem of the glass toward bottom. Wrap green floral tape around stem of glass. Wa-la. Done. Just put a tea light candle in the goblet.

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