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A unique bracelet, especially for teens.

Difficulty Level[]


  • Old Scrabble game pieces
  • Small vice, or heavy safety gloves and courage. (That's a joke, this project's easy don't worry)
  • Drill with a small bit
  • Painters Tape
  • Dividing beads if wished
  • Elastic


  • 1) Find game pieces that spell out whatever you want.
  • 2) Wrap the sides of the piece in tape. Not the sides you will drill through. This gives it protection from the jaws of the vice.
  • 3) Put the piece into the vice and secure. After marking where you want the hole, take your drill and carefully drill a hole through each piece trying to make it as straight as possible.
  • 4) After you are finished, remove the tape and if you wish sand around the holes for a smooth finish.
  • 5) Thread them onto elastic with your spacer bead, then go out and show off! You've now made an awesome bracelet!

External References[]

This craft comes from craftbits.com