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In thirty minutes you can make a beautiful seashell themed candle.

Type of Craft[]

Candle making

Difficulty Level[]



  • Square candle mould or Bottom of a milk carton
  • Candle wick
  • Candle wax
  • Optional Candle Dyes
  • Sea Shells


How to melt the Wax:
Place your required wax amount into the heavy Pan and place it on the heat. Slowly heat the pan till all the wax in your pot melts. Don't allow the wax to get too hot.

Adding the Dye:
Once you have melted your wax you can add your dye. Add a small amount at a time as it is very strong. Note: When dried the color is much lighter.

Getting the wick ready:
Dip your wick several times into the melted wax to give it a wax coating to insure it burns evenly.

Getting the mold ready:
Start by cutting down your milk carton so that your candle mold is of appropriate size for the candle(or use other mold).

Next attach your wick to a pencil or length of wood that will sit across the top of your candle mold (top is the open end).

Next make a small hole in the bottom of the carton to thread your wick through. Pull it tight so that the wick from the pencil to outside of the carton is firm. A loose wick will cause your candle to have problems burning later on.

Now stick down the wick at the bottom with some sticky tape and using a piece of blu-tack or plasticine close up the hole so no wax can seep out.

Adding the Shells:
Meantime place your seashells into your milk carton mould. Do not place them neatly as the candle will need to form in the cracks of the shells. The less organized the better. Do try to keep the center of the candle (around the wick) free from shells, so that the wax can form around the wick insuring a consistent burning candle.

Slowly pour your melted wax over the seashells and around the wick area till the milk carton is full.

For best results place the shells along the outside edge of the mould.

External References[]

This craft came from craftbits.com