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Welcome to the Thankgiving Holiday Corner! This is your resource for anything and everything you need for Turkey Day. Enjoy!


1. Mantle Hanging


What You Need: Construction Paper, Scissors, Marker
Directions: Cut out turkeys from the construction paper. Right "B", "E", etc. (for "Be Thankful") on each card.

2. Turkey Cookies

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What You Need: Nutter Butter Cookies, Oreos, Candy Corn, Icing, M&Ms
Directions: Arrange the cookies as they appear in the photo. Use icing as your glue. Use icing on the front to create the face. Place candy or fake eyes accordingly to make little turkey faces.

3. Cranberry Candles

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What You Need: Cranberries, Tea Candles, Vase
Directions: Pour fresh cranberries in a glass dish or vase. Arrange mini white tea candles inside. Light and enjoy!

4. Thanksgiving Placecards


What You Need: Printable Place cards, Marker
Directions: Print these cute place cards and use the marker to write your guests' names on them. Click here for more information!

5. Felt Turkeys


What You Need: Colored Felt, Staples, Marker
Directions: Cut the shapes and arrange them to create colorful turkey decorations for your table. Click here for the full set of instructions!


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