Christmas is almost here! Celebrate by decorating your house with some of these fun do-it-yourself crafts. Enjoy and happy, happy holidays!

Baby Sock Advent Calendar


What you Need: Baby socks, string, round stickers, white out pen, tape or safety pins
How: Number the stickers with the white out and stick each one on the colorful baby socks. Pin the socks to the string and hang up on a mantle.

Orange Clove Centerpiece


What you Need:Oranges, cloves, rubber bands
How: Wrap the rubber band around the oranges so you can follow the line. Above the line press in cloves. This creates an aromatic center piece.

Pipe Cleaner Snowflakes


What you Need: White Pipe Cleaners, Scissors
How: Cut white pipe cleaners into different sizes and bend them to create snowflakes. Hang as ornaments or around the house.

Reindeer Cut-Outs (perfect for kids!)


What you Need:Brown paper, markers, brown pipe cleaners, red pom pom, glue, scissors, plastic eye
How: Cut the brown paper into a reindeer shape. Use marker to draw the feet. Glue on pipe cleaners, the pompon, the plastic eye, and whatever other decor you like.

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