Welcome to the Craft Corner! This new blog series will explore one new craft project every week. It's time to break out the craft kit and your inner creativity. Let's get started!

And the topic for the week is...

  • Mason Jar
  • Newspaper
  • Gold (or whatever color you choose) Spray paint
IMG 3451-1024x1024
  1. Take your mason jar (or leftover pickle/marinara sauce jar).
  2. Clean it and wipe it dry.
  3. Stand it upside down on a newspaper with no lid.
  4. Get your favorite high-quality spray paint (we recommend Krylon). Spray the outside of the jar until you reach the desired appearance. We like the opaque gold look.
  5. Let dry for 10 minutes and voila! You can use the mason jars as vases, cookie containers, mugs, and so much more...

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