Welcome to the Craft Corner! This new blog series will explore one new craft project every week. It's time to break out the craft kit and your inner creativity. Let's get started!

And the topic for the week is...

  • Colorful or printed paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Extra paper for the fortune slips (2 inches x .5 inch)
  • Pen
  • Optional: Chinese Takeout Box & Ribbon


  1. Trace a 3 inch circle on a piece of scrap paper. Cut it out.
  2. Write a cute fortune ("You are so sweet", "I think you are funny") on the slips of paper
  3. Place the slips of paper on top of the circle cut outs
  4. Fold the circles in half (but do NOT crease the edge)
  5. Gently press the middle inwards and put a dab of glue on one side to keep the fortunes together.
  6. Optional: Put the fortune cookies inside a Chinese takeout box and wrap it with a ribbon.
  7. Give it to your significant other or friend and enjoy!


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